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AC not Cooling? Free Things to Check Before Calling Us
Check to see if your outside unit is running when the thermostat is set to cool. If not, Check Your Breakers! You may have several breakers in different places - each home is different. If your outside unit is making a humming noise check your breakers inside and out.
Check Your Filter. If dirty, replace it. Your coil may be frozen up, so turn your thermostat from cool to off and then turn your fan switch ON. Leave it this way for 40 minutes to 2 hours, then turn back to cool and auto. If you feel cool air, then it was probably just your filter. If it freezes again, you may be low on freon or have other problems and should give us a call.
If you are not getting a display on your thermostat or if thermostat is not responding, check to see if your thermostat uses batteries. They may need replaced OR you can try to reset your thermostat. Most thermostats have a reset button. You may need to take the front cover off to find the reset button. Last, your drain pan may be full of water and your a/c OFF due to the float switch. If you own your own wet vac, you can take it outside where the water is suppose to drain and try to suck out the a/c line and water from the pan. The float switch should reset itself and your system should come back on.
During the heat of the summer (July, August, September) you will need to run your air during the day. You can set your thermostat at 78 to 80 degrees, but remember, an a/c system will only cool one to two degrees an hour. Depending on how fast you want your house to cool when you get home will determine where to set your thermostat when you are gone. Your system WILL NOT cool your house down in an hour during the heat of the day (4-8pm) because of the high humidity levels Florida has during the summer. If your system has been shut off all day, it will run non-stop in the evening trying to remove all the humidity that has built up during the day.
Check to make sure your thermostat fan is not set to ON, if your inside unit runs constantly even when the outside unit is off.
Frequently Asked Questions
  How often should I clean or replace my filter?
  Typically, filters should be replaced or cleaned once a month depending on how many pets and people are in the building. Some units are equipped with permanent filters that require washing. It is very important to use the proper size filter as the evaporator coil should be covered. Pleated filters should be checked once a month. Pleated filters are advertised to last up to 3 months, but normally do not, especially if you have pets.
  Should a thermostat be set to “auto” or “on”?
  When the thermostat is set to “auto,” the fan operates only when the temperature requires cooling. This is the most commonlu used setting. There are advantages, however, to using the “on” setting. First, the air in the house is constantly filtered through the unit’s air filter. Second, the constantly circulating air results in an even temperature throughout the house. However, the "on" position will result in higher humidity since air is being blown over wet coils after the condenser shuts off. For Southwest Florida, the "auto" position will yield the driest home.
  What do rating numbers mean?
  Basically the SEER rating is like miles per gallon (MPH) on your car. The higher the number the more efficient your system will run resulting in lower electric bills.
  Can I plant trees and flowers around an outdoor air conditioning unit?
  Yes. However, you need to allow plenty of room (a couple feet) for air circulation in and out of the unit.
  How often should I have my unit serviced?
  It is a good idea to have your unit serviced at least once a year. This can help with clogged drain lines, dirty evaporator coils, and many other service and repair issues. If your air conditioner unit has not been serviced in a few years, it is probably a good idea to schedule a service call with a trusted a/c company. This can help save money on your electric bills and a/c repair bills.
  What does it mean when my unit is freezing up?
  There are several things that can cause frost on your coil and/or reduced air flow. Anything that restricts the airflow through the inside unit will cause your evaporator coil to freeze up. As the ice builds up on the evaporator coil, the airflow becomes more and more restricted making the condition worse. When the ice is also on the outside pipes next to the compressor, you have a situation where damage to the compressor can occur.
  If you air conditioner is freezing up:
  1) Check your filter. A dirty air filter can restrict the airflow through the inside unit.
  2) Check your evaporator. A dirty (clogged) evaporator coil can restrict airflow through the inside unit.
  3) Make sure your return air grill is not being blocked.
  4) Call us. You may be low on refrigerant (freon), or many other things that we can identify and repair.
  Is it better to replace my entire system rather than just my condenser or air handler?
  Yes! Not replacing the entire system at the same time will result in compatibility issues, as well as efficiency problems.
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